Course Description

Want to learn how to teach the transformative power of pilates to others – or enhance your personal practice? Consider attending our virtual teacher training, which is limited to 30 attendees. Our Mind 2 Body™ program includes a 120-page downloadable manual and a video library of each exercise. Four teacher trainers will guide and support you throughout your journey.


Dates: 2 x 3-day weekends, Feb 24 - 26 and March 3 - 5

Duration: 30 HOURS 

Time: 8 am - 11 am PST and 12 pm - 2 pm PST

Break: 11 am - 12 pm 

Cost: $1,149


Become a personal, physical coach for yourself and others



  • Supercharge your body
  • Enhance your physical awareness
  • Discover a new way of being in your body
  • Transform the way your body looks


  • Turbocharge your mind
  • Step out of your comfort zone
  • Challenge yourself
  • Create personal growth
  • Call in meaning to your life
  • Create a purpose in your life


  • A career that you are inspired by
  • A career that is creative and stimulating
  • A career that helps transform others
  • A career that creates community
  • A career that makes a difference in people’s lives through your teaching
  • A career that gives you the ability to become a personal, physical coach

Program Overview

What’s Included?
What You’ll Learn
#1 – Feb 24-26

Master the Art of the Exercises
➔ A solid foundation in beginner classical pilates mat work.

➔ You’ll embody and deconstruct each of the 32 exercises

➔ Learn to layer each exercise

➔ Master the core pilates concepts and techniques
Learn how to conduct a 60- minute pilates mat session.
#2 – March 3-5

Master the Art of Teaching
You will learn to:

➔ teach the 32 beginners classical pilates mat work exercises

➔ develop a sharp eye to read your clients’ bodies

➔ adjust the exercises to serve your clients’ unique body types

➔ create programs that help your clients progress
Adopt the skill set to teach both an individual session and a group class.

Who This Teacher Training Is For

Do you have a passion for movement – and wish to share the benefits of pilates with others? Or perhaps you love pilates and seek to expand your knowledge so you can train effectively on your own? The Mind 2 Body™ Teacher Training is ideal if you:

➔ See yourself working in the health and wellness industry 

➔ Want to have your own business 

➔ Enjoy working with people in a meaningful way 

➔ Like helping students overcome physical pain 

➔ Are keen to improve your personal practise 

This comprehensive program will transform you physically, emotionally, and professionally. From supercharging your body, to creating purpose and helping you jumpstart a new career, our training will change all areas of your life! In just two 3-day weekends, you’ll learn the classical pilates beginner mat material, including the theory and in-depth application of each exercise.

Ready to dive deep into the healing world of pilates teaching? Then book yourself a place on our Mind 2 Body™ Teacher Training program!